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"Opulent scenic design by Martin Flynn and breathtaking costumes by Mary Folino highlight an all-star cast led by Kathryn Brunner as Ella and Brent Thiessen as Prince Topher. Brunner’s kind and gentle demeanor belie powerhouse vocals and complement Thiessen’s charming naivete and earnest desire to do good."

"This beautiful production not only delights in nostalgia, it also breathes progress and power. It’s an uplifting, hopeful, and magical lesson in kindness, compassion, and perseverance."



International Premiere - Calgary, Alberta - 2023/24 Season

Directed by Lonny Price and Matt Cowart
Choreography by Jennifer Rias
Music Supervision by Joseph Thalken

Jessica Vosk as Cee Cee Bloom
Kelli Barrett as Bertie White
Brent Thiessen as John Perry
Nathan Gibb Johnson as Michael Barron
Addison Wagman as Little Cee Cee
Cecilia Currie as Little Bertie
Jamie Konchak as Leona Bloom
Emily Dallas as Rose White
Sierra Holder as Janice Carnes
Alba Evora Weiler as Nina Barron
Jillian Hubler-McManus as Teen Cee Cee
Katie McMillan as Teen Bertie

Hailey Loyns, Kayla Mackenzie, and Eric Wigston


"Beaches is slick and classy, and, from a pure entertainment standpoint, it looks and sounds good, and is genuinely rewarding."


"If you have a yen for catchy tunes, love stories, and everything else that makes the most successful Broadway productions so memorable and universal, invite your bestie to Theatre Calgary to see Beaches The Musical."
"The men — handsome John Perry, Cee Cee’s husband (ably played by Brent Thiessen), and Michael Barron, Bertie’s stuffy husband, scion of a wealthy family (Nathan Gibb Johnson), selected for Bertie by her mother — add to the drama and romance."

"The singing throughout the show is strong and heartfelt — shout-outs to Thiessen, Gibb Johnson, and both female leads, particularly Vosk as Cee Cee"


"Notables include Thiessen's John, who exudes an easy charm"

"There's a humanity to the schmalzier aspects of Beaches that feels comforting when viewed through the rear-view mirror of the pandemic and the loneliness epidemic it spawned. There's something to be said for an old-time, old-school musical with its heart in the right place, and Beaches The Musical aims to be the prescription that fills that emotional hole."

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