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"Opulent scenic design by Martin Flynn and breathtaking costumes by Mary Folino highlight an all-star cast led by Kathryn Brunner as Ella and Brent Thiessen as Prince Topher. Brunner’s kind and gentle demeanor belie powerhouse vocals and complement Thiessen’s charming naivete and earnest desire to do good."

"This beautiful production not only delights in nostalgia, it also breathes progress and power. It’s an uplifting, hopeful, and magical lesson in kindness, compassion, and perseverance."


Beauty And The Beast

Theatre Aquarius - Hamilton, Ontario - 2016/17 Season

Directed by Alex Mustakas
Choreography by Robin Calvert

Music Direction by Michael Barber

Jayme Armstrong as Belle
Michael Blake as Beast
Brent Thiessen as Gaston
Valerie Boyle as Mrs. Potts
Keith Savage as Lumiere
Brad Rudy as Cogsworth
Gregory Pember as Lefou
Victor A Young as Maurice
Amanda Struthmann as Babette
Kristen Peace as Madame de la Grande Bouche
William Thompson as Chip
Nick Settimi as Monsieur D'Arque

Stephan Dickson, Graeme Goodhall, Jessica Horn, Anna Hurshman, Bethany Kovarik, Erik Markewich, Sarah Matton, Jade Repeta, Connor Scully, Tyrell Witherspoon


Beauty And The Beast was my first collaboration with Alex Mustakas, who served as the show's director and taught me a lot about comedy. The production featured lavish sets and an incredible cast of Canadian theatre stars. In addition to the show breaking box office records, the cast and crew came together with audiences to raise $60,000 for Hamilton Food Share, an organization that was able to use our donation to provide $300,000 worth of food resources to 23 emergency programs in the community. 




"The audience I sat with at Sunday's matinee cheered the place down."

"Whoever cast him deserves an award because Brent Thiessen WAS Gaston. Cocky. Arrogant. Perfection."

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