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"Opulent scenic design by Martin Flynn and breathtaking costumes by Mary Folino highlight an all-star cast led by Kathryn Brunner as Ella and Brent Thiessen as Prince Topher. Brunner’s kind and gentle demeanor belie powerhouse vocals and complement Thiessen’s charming naivete and earnest desire to do good."

"This beautiful production not only delights in nostalgia, it also breathes progress and power. It’s an uplifting, hopeful, and magical lesson in kindness, compassion, and perseverance."


Theatre Aquarius presents


Directed/ Choreographed by Michael Lichtefeld

Music Direction by Steve Thomas


Brent Thiessen as Buddy

Katie Kerr as Jovie

Victor A Young as Walter Hobbs

Robin Hutton as Emily Hobbs

Jayne Lewis as Deb

Neil Barclay as Santa/ Mr. Greenway

Brendan Forbes as Michael Hobbs

Gabriel Mattka as Michael Hobbs

Ray Hogg as Macy's Manager



Danielle Benton, Annie Chen, Vanessa Cobham, Ryan Gifford, Krista Leis, Anthony MacPherson, Allison McCaughey, Luke Opdahl, Reece Rowat, Ainsley Roy, Adam Sergison, Joel Taylor

"Thiessen is the stand-out. As Buddy, discovering the dark side of New York City, with wide-eyed innocence and a full litany of Christmas clichés, he makes you want to take him home and hang him on your Christmas tree."


REVIEW: "Thiessen's presentation is seamless. He transcends us in every way."

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