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"Opulent scenic design by Martin Flynn and breathtaking costumes by Mary Folino highlight an all-star cast led by Kathryn Brunner as Ella and Brent Thiessen as Prince Topher. Brunner’s kind and gentle demeanor belie powerhouse vocals and complement Thiessen’s charming naivete and earnest desire to do good."

"This beautiful production not only delights in nostalgia, it also breathes progress and power. It’s an uplifting, hopeful, and magical lesson in kindness, compassion, and perseverance."


Pretty Woman

1st National Company - United States - 2021/22 Season

Directed/ Choreographed by Jerry Mitchell
Music Supervision by Will Van Dyke

Olivia Valli as Vivian Ward
Adam Pascal as Edward Lewis
Kyle Taylor Parker as Happy Man/ Mr. Thompson
Jessica Crouch as Kit Deluca
Matthew Stocke as Philip Stuckey

Nella Cole, Michael Dalke, Nico DeJesus, Christian Douglas, Danny Drewes, Alex Gibbs, Em Hadick, Joshua Kenneth Allen Johnson, Kelsee Kimmel, Chris Manuel, Alexa Xioufaridou Moster, Kaylee Olson, Amma Osei, Jonathan Ritter, Becca Suskauer, Matthew Vincent Taylor, Brent Thiessen, Bria J Williams, Imani Pearl Williams


As the Broadway theatre community began to restart live performances during the Covid-19 pandemic, I had the great privilege of being an original cast member in the 1st National company of Broadway's Pretty Woman. We rehearsed in New York City with Jerry Mitchell and opened in Providence, Rhode Island on October 12, 2021. The tour was a hit around the country, regularly grossing over $1 million per week. I played several roles in the ensemble and covered the starring role of Edward Lewis and also his lawyer, Philip Stuckey. On a few hour's notice, I debuted as Philip Stuckey at the 4,500-seat Fox Theatre in St. Louis, opposite Olivia Valli and Adam Pascal in the lead roles, and stayed on for a few more nights there. I subsequently played the role for the tour's engagements at the CIBC Theatre in Chicago and the Citizen's Bank Opera House in Boston. I debuted as Edward Lewis at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis and later went on for multiple nights at the Connor Palace in Cleveland, the Durham Performing Arts Center in North Carolina, and the Au-Rene Theatre in Fort Lauderdale. 



Audience reviews after playing Edward Lewis in Durham, North Carolina 


"As Edward, Brent Thiessen perfectly walked the line between sophisticated and uptight."

"In the lead roles, Valli and Thiessen are a great match. In fact, their chemistry and bubbly banter make it hard to believe that Thiessen is an understudy. He creates an Edward that is believably bemused, bewitched, and so utterly smitten with Vivian that he’s impossible not to love."

"Brent Thiessen proved to be a great scene partner for Valli. He played Edward with just the right mixture of Big Apple bravado and a dawning awareness that as one of the most ruthless and ever-acquisitive wolves of Wall Street, he might be missing out on the most important things in life."

"Brent Thiessen is more of what film director Gary Marshall originally had in mind for Philip Stuckey's intimidating, slimy, and snarky persona - imagine if Bradley Cooper took this role."

"Pretty Woman is a guilty pleasure show, a sexy nostalgia trip that goes down easy. Mitchell’s choreography and staging is clever, zesty and always thoroughly alive. He adds more well-executed dance into Pretty Woman than you’d have any right to expect. All in all, the touring cast has found a better emotional key and chilled-out vibe than the original crew."

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