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"Opulent scenic design by Martin Flynn and breathtaking costumes by Mary Folino highlight an all-star cast led by Kathryn Brunner as Ella and Brent Thiessen as Prince Topher. Brunner’s kind and gentle demeanor belie powerhouse vocals and complement Thiessen’s charming naivete and earnest desire to do good."

"This beautiful production not only delights in nostalgia, it also breathes progress and power. It’s an uplifting, hopeful, and magical lesson in kindness, compassion, and perseverance."


Thoroughly Modern Millie

Huron Country Playhouse - Grand Bend, Ontario - 2019 Season

Directed/ Choreographed by Michael Lichtefeld
Music Direction by Steve Thomas

Jayme Armstrong as Millie Dilmount
Billy Lake as Jimmy Smith
Brent Thiessen as Trevor Graydon
Kayla James as Miss Dorothy Brown
Cindy Williams
 as Mrs. Meers
Gabrielle Jones as Muzzy Van Hossemere
Ryota Kaneko as Bun Foo
Neil Salinas as Ching Ho
Christina Gordan as  Miss Flannery

Carla Bennett, Shelley Kenney, Melanie McInenly, Jennifer Thiessen, Margaret Thompson, J Sean Elliot, Matthew Armet, Josh Graetz, David Light, Luke Ophdal, and Reece Rowat


I had the good fortune of returning to the Huron Country Playhouse to play Trevor Graydon in Thoroughly Modern Millie, once again collaborating with Michael Lichtefeld. The role of Mrs. Meers was played by the late Cindy Williams, who rose to superstardom on the sitcom Laverne and Shirley.  The beach town of Grand Bend was buzzing with her arrival and it was very fun to share the stage and a summer with such a luminary talent. 




"Yes, evil suits Cindy Williams just fine. She has lost none of her comedic chops, her timing impeccable."

"It’s the wonderful performances of the four main characters that carry this show. Each brings their character to life making their relationships believable and interesting. Thiessen, who was outstanding as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast at Huron Country in 2017, again impresses as Trevor, Millie’s boss and initial love interest, a demanding, ambitious yet playful boss who doesn’t share Millie’s interest."

"Director and choreographer Michael Lichtefeld has delivered a lovely piece of musical theatre filled with laughs, cleverly choreographed dance routines, and a few tender, poignant moments to give it a touch of true romance."

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